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To our faithful visitors, readers, and poets:

It is with a low and quiet blue that I must announce the closing of Tribeca Poetry Review. As of February 29, 2016, TPR will cease operations.

Tribeca Poetry Review was a bright publication and producing it taught me much. Reading, culling, and organizing the works of so many skilled poets filled these past 8 years with honest, passionate work. It was exciting to discover new voices and fresh territory. My world, and my world-view, expanded in a thousand trajectories as a divine consequence of editing this magazine. I am proud of what was created.

However, with the evolving responsibilities of motherhood and my desire to pursue other art forms, I no longer have enough room to give the journal the attention it deserves. It is the right time to put the pen down, turn off the desk lamp, and close that door gently behind me.

To all of the contributing writers, thank you for the beautiful language, inspiring ideas, and vivid images that your poetry brought into my life. I will be ever grateful.

To my sweet administrative team, you made these magazines beautiful and possible. Thank you for your dedication to the craft. Your time and your vision are so appreciated.

To our readers, thank you for spending time in these pages. I hope something you uncovered stays with you. If you are interested in ordering back issues, you can still do that HERE.

The writing and the reading of poetry is needed more now than ever, it seems to me. Finding beauty and creating meaning? This is the truly important work. Please keep at it.

Warmly and with every best wish for the future,

Kenlynne Rini Mulroy

If you have well wishes or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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